David Cameron wades into broadband competition row

David Cameron has urged BT to give more information about which areas will benefit from its broadband rollout.

The Prime Minister has called on BT to publish more information regarding which areas are to be included in its rollout of broadband technology.

Earlier this week, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) suggested the government’s rural broadband programme has favoured BT at the expense of alternative suppliers.

David Cameron has therefore urged the telecoms provider to be more transparent about which countryside locations are set to receive broadband in the future.

Speaking during this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, he said this would ensure “other companies and other organisations are able to see whether there are different ways of filling in any potential gaps”.

“I have had this discussion with BT and I’m happy to hold it again,” Mr Cameron stated.

The Prime Minister went on to hail the amount of investment that is being put towards improving broadband connectivity across the country.

He said 10,000 homes and businesses are being connected each week and that the rollout is a “real success story” for the UK.

BT has already insisted it is the only company prepared to make a significant investment in rural locations and described the criticism from the PAC as unjustified and inaccurate.

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