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Top ten list of how to decrease expenditure and increase income

So it’s nearly bank holiday weekend and there’s lots to see and do around the Norfolk Broads and beyond but there’s one slight hitch….. Payday is not until next week! So whilst sitting in the sunshine with a cold drink in hand, just for fun we have come up with our top ten list of how to decrease expenditure and increase income.
1. Go to visit friends and eat there to save on your own shopping bill.
2. Utilise your food stocks from the freezer – You may need to be unfazed by odd food combos; Pizza and frozen carrots anyone?
3. Create ad hoc earnings – sell something on Amazon that you don’t use anymore.
4. Use loyalty cards for essentials; what about Boots advantage for toiletries; Nectar for a day out or food; Avios for a free night away.
5. Find rich girlfriend / boyfriend – This might be achievable in one week!
6. End relationship with expensive girlfriend / boyfriend – This is achievable with one text.
7. Get a lodger – not a quick method but you could always let out your spare room for a few nights instead?
8. Win lottery – you have three opportunities before next Friday!
9. Sell your own body parts. This is only for those in complete dire need and be aware you will probably get paid before you find a buyer anyway.
10. Rob bank – only kidding!
Let us know if you can think of any more to add!
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